I lay down
In your eyes
In your arms..

It simple. True love -it is just simple. You wake up. Drink morning coffee with a cigarette. Shower and leave the house. Drive in a traffic. Spend 10 hour shift to get in the car exhausted and drive back. Home. Where two eyes are sparkling to see you. Two arms are there to hug you. A place to sink and leave your worries behind. You eat the dinner together. Open a cold beer from the fridge. Sit in the balcony. He passes you the lighter. Your lungs are filled with smoke. Inhale. Exhale. Warm July night. The comfort of knowing each other. Two eyes quietly smiling. And the forest in front of you. And yes, maybe you had a fight about dirty plates left forgotten in the sink. But tonight, now, nothing else matters. Because he knows you. You know him. The smell of his skin, taste of the lips, his soft touch, his fingers through your hair. It is simple. It is real. That’s all how true love feels – simple, familiar..


When I saw this place I knew deep down in my heart that this is the perfect place to capture that shy love both of them hid. And yes, I will confess, Daniel did not fancy the idea of taking photos. But who knew – he is a natural. They both are – perfect-for-each-other!

Location: Borovets, Bulgaria
(Yagoda & Malina Villas)