Een liefde als geen ander..

It is true!
The Universe knows its thing! And if one thing is meant to happen – it will happen!
Joeri and Sharina had scheduled couple photosession with another photographer. Unfortunately, his car broke down and they could not attend. As the session was cancelled, he contacted me to discuss it and we decided to give it a go.

Because of the bad weather we had to postpone and wait for this perfect window. Until the last minute nobody was entirely sure that this will happen. But guess what? The universe knows its thing. When two people are meant to be at that spot, in that moment, surrounded by the love – nothing can disrupt that. Thank you universe, for the perfect light, for the perfect hours we were gifted, for this moment to be captured and cherished forever!

It is true!
Chemistry exists.
Butterflies exist.
True love exists.
That spark.
That perfect person who completes your other half.
Joeri and Sharina’s love story has been a full experience.  You can not only see it – you can feel it!